Miscellaneous Policy

Website is readable even when sheets are switched off or not loaded :

When style sheets are switched off/not loaded in Raildrishti, all data is available. Although for better readability and understanding of all contents presented, we suggest to keeps sheets on and loaded.

Web pages are usable even when scripts, applets etc are turned off :

In Raildrishti, static content shall always be available even when scripts, applets etc are turned off. However, Dynamic content is loaded from server side via use of scripts and therefore it is not feasible to have completely usable pages when scripts are turned off.

Instructions for operating/ understanding content do not rely solely on characteristics like shape, size, location etc :

We ensure that all users can understand the content, even when they cannot perceive shape or size or use information about spatial location or orientation. Some users with disabilities are not able to perceive shape or position due to the nature of the assistive technologies they use, there is additional data provided to clarify anything that is dependent on these characteristics.

Websites has cleared Security Audit by certificate agency and has a Security Policy :

Raildrishti adheres to the Organizational Security policy laid by Center for Railway Information Systems (CRIS). Same has been successfully verified during the internal Security Audit of Raildrishti.

Raildrishti website contains information which is freely accessible, and may be viewed by any visitor. However, the website maintains a copyright interest in the contents of all of its websites. Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information are strictly prohibited, and may be punishable under the Information Technology Act, 2000.

The Hosting Service Provided has a Disaster Recovery (DR) Centre in a geographically distance location and a well crafted DR plan for the website :

Presently Disaster Recovery (DR) Centre is not available for Raildrishti. In near future, Raildrishti is to be shifted on Private Cloud Infrastructure and DR shall be planned accordingly.

All possible secure measures have been taken to prevent defacement/ hacking of the website and the Department has been contingency plan in place for situation like these:

The presence of the website on the Internet and very importantly the site is fully functional all the times. It is expected of the Government websites to deliver information and services on a 24X7 basis. Hence, all efforts have been made to minimize the downtime of the website as far as possible.

There is proper Contingency Plan to handle any eventualities and restore the site in the shortest possible time. The possible contingencies include:

Defacement of the website: All possible security measures are taken for the website to prevent any possible defacement/hacking by unscrupulous elements. However, if despite the security measures in place, such an eventuality occurs, there is a proper contingency plan, which immediately comes into force. If it has been established beyond doubt that the website has been defaced, the site will be immediately blocked. Efforts shall be made to restore the original site in the shortest possible time. At the same time, regular security reviews and checks will be conducted in order to plug any loopholes in the security.

Data Corruption: A proper mechanism has been worked out by the concerned in consultation with web hosting service provider to ensure that appropriate and regular back-ups of the website data are being taken. These enable a fast recovery and uninterrupted availability of the information to the citizens in view of any data corruption.

Hardware/Software Crash: Though such an occurrence is a rarely, still in case the server on which the website is being hosted crashes due to some unforeseen reason, the web hosting service provider have enough redundant infrastructure available to restore the website at the earliest.

All policies and plans are approved by Head of Department :

In Raildrishti, All policies, plans, designs etc are approved by Head of Department.

The mechanism is in place to check the accuracy of Hyperlinked Content :

Links to other websites that have been included on this Portal are provided for public convenience only. Raildrishti Portal is not responsible for the contents or reliability of linked websites and does not necessarily endorse the view expressed within them. As the linked websites are beyond the purview of Raildrishti Portal, the availability of such linked pages cannot be guaranteed 24*7, however there is a periodic mechanism in place to thoroughly review hyperlinks to rule out the presence of any broken links or errors.

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